Licensed, Academic Early Childhood Programs

Designed for children ages 1 to 10y. Our school readiness programs provide quality educational experiences

taught by trained professionals in an enriching environment.  


  • Our programs emphasize independent learning through discovery, participation, and interaction with others.

  • Providing a multi-sensory approach to learning and developing new skills, areas of learning include: cognitive, manipulative, creative, science exploration, music, large/small motor activities, and community awareness. We aim to help each child develop positive skills in the areas of self-concept, expression of their feelings and self-control. 

  • Our curriculum utilizes plenty of imagination, games, songs, and academic activities engaged in a specific theme. 


Toddlers socialize and play by learning fun, new things with friends while building the foundation for academic success. Many self-help skills are taught in this classroom.

Two year olds are in a league all their own. "Mine." "I do it." "No." All independent tendencies that will serve them well in the future, but for now our wonderful teacher guide this behavior and teach children to turn it into positive, social interactions with friends they are learning the beginnings of many academic fundamentals.

Designed to propel budding imaginations, children enjoy games, music, art, Spanish, and activities created just for them. Utilizing the Scholastic curricula, children begin to lay the foundation for a lifetime love of learning.


Partnering with local schools, we developed a systematic curriculum that prepares students for Kindergarten, utilizing Core Knowledge® programs. Phonics, literacy, math, Spanish, and science make up daily lessons that are characterized by specific themes and skills being learned.          

Emphasizing independent learning, participation, discovery, and interaction with others, we help children develop positive skills in the areas of self-concept, self-control, and practice in areas of academic learning. The curriculum uses skill specific areas including reading, math, cooking, fitness, art, and music.


Our small group setting and strong curriculum supports students who will move onto first grade the next fall and those who have a "Late for Date" birthday. Meaning they have completed Pre-K but cannot attend public school KG because their birthday is after Sept 1. And, for those families who have decided that their child is not quite ready for public school KG, but have completed Pre-K. 



Our programs provide quality educational experiences taught by trained professionals in an enriching environment.


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